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An image of groceries that were under $100

7 Tips To Keep Your Weekly Food Budget Under $100

As food prices continue to climb, budgeting your monthly food budget can be extremely difficult.  Luckily for you, I’ve discovered seven tips and tricks on …

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creamy shrimp fettuccine pasta garnished with parmesan cheese and parsley in a white plate

Creamy Shrimp Pasta Without Wine Recipe

Easy creamy shrimp pasta without wine that tastes amazing! It takes less than 30 minutes to make, affordable, kids favorite, and perfect for any occasion. …

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mini tortilla bowl filled with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and mints on a white place with caramel sauce

Mini Tortilla Bowl Fruit Salad Dessert

This easy mini tortilla bowl fruit salad is a toasted and crunchy sweet tortilla bowl filled with a light cream cheese mixture and fresh berries …

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grape salad with cream cheese and sour cream mixture topped with brown sugar in a white bowl

Easy and simple green grape salad recipe

Learn to make a grape salad with this easy and simple green grape salad recipe. This recipe is a crowd-pleaser that both the young and …

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3 potato croquettes with green salads and pomegranate

Healthy and easy baked potato croquettes

You can make healthy and easy baked potato croquettes by not deep-frying them. You will never deep-fry potato croquettes again once you’ve tried this baking …

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chicken curry garnished with green onions on a white plate


Are you one of those people who want to make chicken curry but are too afraid to try because you think it is complicated or …

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Sliced apple blackberry pie on a white plate with apple blackberry pie and chocolate ice-cream in the background

Easy apple blackberry pie recipe

This easy apple blackberry pie recipe is so easy to make; it is affordable, doesn’t need many ingredients, and doesn’t require a lot of time …

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a green plate full of chicken alfredo pasta with a fork, parsley and cheese

Easy Chicken Alfredo With Store-bought Sauce

This easy chicken fettuccini Alfredo with store-bought sauce is one of my favorite recipes to make when I am short on time. I am a …

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Fried rice with vegetables in a bowl
Asian Recipes

The Best and Easiest way to make fried rice

There are so many ways to make fried rice. I have tried many different recipes over the years. Some are easy, others are complicated, some …

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meat and vegetables
Mexican Recipes

Easy Delicious Healthy Beef Fajitas

Hello, dear readers! Today I would like to bring you a recipe that we love. We make this recipe when we are short on time …

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