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An image of sautéed chicken with tomato sauce in a black bowl

Sautéed Chicken With Tomato Sauce

How to make African-style sautéed chicken with tomato sauce This African-style sautéed chicken with tomato sauce is one of the most popular dishes in Madagascar. …

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A picture of the easy baked plantain banana on white plate

Easy Baked Plantain Banana Recipe

This easy baked plantain banana chips recipe is perfect if you’re looking for an easy and quick healthy snack idea. Plantains are so good for …

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A plate full of penne pasta with store-bought alfredo sauce in a grey plate
Pasta / Noodles

Easy Penne Pasta With Store-bought Alfredo sauce

This easy Penne pasta with store-bought Alfredo sauce is perfect if you are short on time. You can make this recipe in less than 30 …

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Penne pasta with cheesy tomato paste in a white plate

Easy Penne Pasta with cheesy tomato sauce

No pasta sauce or spaghetti sauce? Don’t fret; try this delicious easy penne pasta with cheesy tomato sauce. You can make the sauce in under …

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A picture of shrimp and leafy green vegetable soup in a white bowl and a chili paste

Easy shrimp and leafy green vegetable soup

This easy shrimp and leafy green vegetable soup is so delicious and easy to make. This dish does not require a fish sauce, soy sauce, …

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a picture of a woman holding a ceramic bowl eating healthy food

How to eat healthy on a tight budget

How can I afford to eat healthy if I’m on a budget? That’s a question that many people are having to ask themselves. Food has …

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An image of a pantry full of food

How to stock a pantry on a budget

In this article, we are going to cover everything that you need to know about stocking your pantry on a budget.It’s more important than ever …

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Hominy corn porridge in a white bowl

Hominy Corn Porridge Recipe

Want a quick, non-expansive, and healthy meal idea? Try this sweet and savory hominy corn porridge recipe that is rich and delicious. This hominy corn porridge …

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A picture of riz cantonais: curried fried rice with carrots, peas, sausages, and eggs
Asian Recipes

Easy Riz Cantonais (Cantonese rice)

Today I’m bringing you a very popular Malagasy (Madagascar) dish called Riz Cantonais or Cantonese rice.  Riz Cantonais is a Chinese-style fried rice recipe that’s …

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An image of groceries that were under $100

7 Tips To Keep Your Weekly Food Budget Under $100

As food prices continue to climb, budgeting your monthly food budget can be extremely difficult.  Luckily for you, I’ve discovered seven tips and tricks on …

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